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When is the best time to apply?

Achieve has a limited number of spaces available each semester. You are encouraged to send in your application by November in the year before you intend to begin college.

Is it too late to apply?

Please contact us at 618-453-6155 if you are planning on applying but have missed the November deadline.

What is the ACT requirement?

Achieve does not adhere to an ACT requirement. However, the student must meet SIU Carbondale admissions requirements to enroll. If a student is an appropriate candidate for Achieve, Achieve can make a recommendation on behalf of the student to SIU's admissions office. However, the student must submit all materials, including the ACT or SAT, as part of the admissions requirements for SIU.

Are Achieve services available to students from other colleges?

No. Achieve services are available only to students who are enrolled in both Achieve and SIU Carbondale.

Does Achieve provide scholarships?

All Achieve students are responsible for finding their own sources of funding. Applicants are encouraged to speak to SIU’s financial aid advisors for clarification on different sources of funding. Some applicants who may qualify for financial support from the Department of Rehabilitation Services should contact their local DRS counselor. Once a student has participated in Achieve for at least a semester, they are eligible to apply for the Alison Hiller Excellence Merit Award; CLICK HERE for more information about this scholarship.

Can I visit Achieve before applying?

Yes. All interested applicants are highly encouraged to contact Achieve to schedule a visit. You are also encouraged to attend an Open House session organized by SIU admissions.

Do I have to continue using Achieve once I sign up?

Achieve provides services to students on a semester basis. Both parties are under no obligation to continue services after the end of each semester agreement.

If I leave Achieve, can I come back?

Yes. After your first semester at Achieve, you may decide to opt out. Should you decide you would like to use Achieve services again, please contact us at 618-453-6155.

How do I change my service level?

We will continue to bill at the level of entry semester for subsequent semesters. Students should email with a formal request to move to a different level of service when a change is desired for a new semester. 

Which is the best semester to start Achieve?

Freshman are highly encouraged to begin in the Fall semester of each academic year.  Transfer or returning students may be accepted into the Fall and Spring semesters.  Enrollment in Achieve may be deferred for up to one academic year after acceptance.

Can Achieve waive the interview fee?

No. All applicants are required to pay the $150 interview fee; the fee is payable on the day of the interview by credit card, cash, or check to the Achieve Program.

How does Achieve charge the fee for services?

Semester service fees may be paid by credit card directly to Achieve or can be billed to the student’s SIU bursar account for the appropriate amount commensurate with the Level of service chosen.

How many students does Achieve serve?

Achieve serves 100 - 200 students each fall and spring semester. We typically enroll 50 new freshmen each fall.

Need more information? Contact us to schedule a visit or call us directly CLICK HERE