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Achieve works hard to find solutions for you

We believe that you, like all of our students, have your own special strengths and unique challenges. Our services are designed to meet your individual needs. Our one-on-one approach ensures that every one of our students receives the best support possible to maximize the potential for success every semester.

Case Management

Every student is assigned to a personal case manager. Case managers meet with you weekly to review your academic progress, discuss the support you need, and help you stay accountable.


We assist students in using organizational tools, digital To Do Lists, and digital calendars to track important deadlines.


Students can reserve time with a tutor as needed. Please see tutors page for more information.

Learning Tools

  • Reading: We provide assistance with text-to-speech software to help you read your textbooks.
  • Writing: We encourage students to utilize speech-to-text voice dictation in writing software. We assist students with utilizing editing tools.
  • Notetaking: We encourage all students to use for recording and note-taking.


College accommodations may be different from high school accommodations. We assist our students in requesting the accommodations for which they are eligible.