Achieve Fees

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Achieve is a comprehensive fee-for-service program for SIU students. Achieve semester service fees may be paid by credit card directly to Achieve or can be billed to the student’s SIU bursar account at the beginning of each semester for which service is requested.

Level 1 ($3200 per semester): Includes Case Management, Academic Coaching for Study Skills, Content-Specific Tutors, Writing Assistance, Organizational and Time Management Assistance, Assistive Technology for Reading and Notetaking, Computer Lab and Printing Access, Test Accommodations including personal proctor, reader, scribe, and extended time.

Level 2 ($2800 per semester): Same as Level 1 without Study Skills Coaching and Assistive Technology.

Level 3 ($2000 per semester): Same as Level 1 without Study Skills Coaching, Assistive Technology, and Tutors.

Note that SIU’s Disability Support Services office provides mandated services as required by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) at no additional cost to students. Students and parents are encouraged to fully explore both DSS and Achieve services before applying. Representatives for both programs are prepared to answer your questions at any time.