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a comprehensive, fee-for-service program of managerial, organizational, structural, and tutorial supports for students with learning differences.

Achieve has been an institutionalized part of the University for over 45 years, making it among the most well-established and respected programs in the country.  We are part of the University’s Office for Access & Accommodations which provides equal opportunity and access to appropriate accommodations for our students. Over 95% of Achieve students who engage in our services through their senior year graduate in four to five years. Over a third of Achieve students attain Dean’s List standing each semester.  We want you to be part of this tradition of success!  Start your application with us today!

Book a zoom consultation here to talk with us about how Achieve fits your individual academic goals and expectations.

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2024.
Applications for a fall start must be received and complete before the start of the fall semester.

Engaging neurodiverse learners

  • Learning disabilities
  • Attention disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Other related learning differences and academic difficulties

Academic Solutions


  • Meet Assigned Staff Each Week
  • Email Summary of Each Meeting
  • Time and Resource Management Support and Training
  • Planning, Prioritization, and Scheduling Assistance
  • Checklists and Reminders Individualized for You
  • Monitoring of Learning Systems, such as D2L, Pearson’s, and Others
  • Review of Student Email Communications
  • Communication Among Faculty, Staff, and Others
  • Access to Computers, Printers, Scanners, and other Technology
  • Quiet, Private Rooms for Study
  • Early Registration
  • Coordination of Care Among Other Services and Offices
  • Help Navigating Your OAA Student Portal and Requesting Accommodations


Academic Support

  • Tutorial Services
    • Individual in person or remote
    • Walk-in or book in advance
  • Writing Assistance
  • Test Preparation
  • Study Skills Training


Social Networking

  • Monthly food events for all students and staff
  • Recreational outings for students and staff
  • Unique excursions once/semester for students and staff
  • Family Weekend Football and Tailgate for students and families
  • Referral to social networking groups



Apply at the Office for Access & Accommodations (OAA).